Green Broadbill | Pulau Ubin| Singapore

Green Broadbill in Pulau Ubin Singapore The Green Broadbill, a plump and short-tailed bird with bright green plumage, is the smallest bird in the broadbill family in Southeast Asia, about 18 cm. I first encountered this beautiful bird in Mulu National Park in Sarawak in 2006. To a non-trained eye, it is not easy to... Continue Reading →

Masked Finfoot| Early sighting in 1992| Malaysia

Masked Finfoot | Early sighting in 1992|Malaysia Masked Finfoot | Early sighting in 1992 | Malaysia In the early 90's, not much was known about the Masked Finfoot (heliopais personata), an aquatic bird, except for its distribution in eastern Indian subcontinent, Indochina and Malaysia. There were a few reports of its early sighting in Taman Negara,... Continue Reading →

Asian Geographic Magazine- Birds of Borneo

Asian Geographic Magazine- Birds of Borneo The article on  “ Birds Of Borneo” has just been published in the latest issue of Asian Geographic Magazine- Issue 3/2014 featuring the Great Forest & Mountains of Asia. The 8-page article highlights the conservation efforts that the state of Sabah had put in to protect the birds and... Continue Reading →

Bird watching in Sarawak Borneo

Bird watching in Sarawak Borneo Photographing the elusive bird of the rainforest in Sarawak BorneoOur first bird watching trip to Sarawak was by far the most extensive and ambitious. It was from 24  July to 7 August in 2006 with Mano to survey the bird density in Sarawak. We embarked on the 15 day bird watching trip in Sarawak from... Continue Reading →

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