Bird Hides – Kaeng krachan National Park Thailand

Bird Hides - Kaeng krachan National Park Thailand Kaeng Krachan National Park in Thailand is the largest national park and an excellent place for birding. In 2008, a conservation project convinced the poachers to convert the water holes for hunting birds for food into bird hides outside the park. Poachers were skeptical why anyone would... Continue Reading →

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How many species of Sunbirds in Singapore

How many species of Sunbirds in Singapore? The Crimson Sunbird, Olive-backed Sunbird, and Brown-Throated Sunbird were the first three sunbirds I photographed in Singapore some twenty years ago with slide film. I recently took the stunning Copper-throated Sunbird in Sungei Buloh and the Van Hasselt's Sunbird at Bukit BatokNature Parkto which I never paid much... Continue Reading →

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Photographing Birds In Gujarat | Kutch District |India

Photographing birds in Gujarat | Kutch District| India Photographing birds in Gujarat, Kutch district in India, holds a very unique landscape for wildlife and birding. My interest in Gujarat started after reading the documented journeys made by the late Salim Ali and Datuk Loke Wan Tho back in 1943 to 1944 in the book, “Loke Wan... Continue Reading →

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7 Endemic Birds of Vietnam in Dalat

7 Endemic Birds of Vietnam in Dalat I was fascinated by the number of endemic birds in Vietnam in the main land as compared with the neighbouring southeast Asian countries like Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Normally islands like Philippines or Borneo bring about habitat isolation with more endemism due to geographical isolation by the sea.... Continue Reading →

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Laced Woodpecker and Streaked-breasted Woodpecker

Laced Woodpecker and Streak-breasted Woodpecker are two similar-looking woodpeckers but of different species. Can you spot the difference? Laced Woodpecker has a blackish mustache which is slightly speckled whitish. The Streaked-breasted Woodpecker also has a blackish mustache that is usually less bold than the Laced Woodpecker. The Streaked Woodpecker has a greener streaked throat. Laced... Continue Reading →

Green Broadbill | Pulau Ubin| Singapore

Green Broadbill in Pulau Ubin Singapore The Green Broadbill, a plump and short-tailed bird with bright green plumage, is the smallest bird in the broadbill family in Southeast Asia, about 18 cm. I first encountered this beautiful bird in Mulu National Park in Sarawak in 2006. To a non-trained eye, it is not easy to... Continue Reading →

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