Crested Goshawk, Orchard Road Singapore

Crested Goshawk, Orchard Road Singapore

It was around 3 pm when I brought Presie for his usual afternoon walk, I heard a noisy commotion from the Mynas, Bulbuls and Black-naped Orioles just above me.  The Black-naped Oriole at the top of his voice was calling and calling.  I looked up at the Tembusu Tree and  spotted the Crested Goshawk. As usual, I took my Canon 5DIII with 70-300mm zoom shot handheld with image stabiliser at a speed of 1/160 second to prevent the camera shake. Light was dim and the bird was in the shade. I had to used ISO 2000 in order to get a sharp image.

Thanks to Alan OwYong who helped to identify the bird as I was not sure whether it could be the Eurasian Sparrowhawk or  Chinese Goshawk. Alan mentioned that the bars on the tail gave the clue away. Alan told me that he had been looking for this bird at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the Japanese Gardens. Well,  one Crested Goshawk was in Orchard area, Singapore. Happy birding.

Crested Goshawk at Orchard Road Singapore
Crested Goshawk at Orchard Road Singapore





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