Why are you here for the 2 day photography workshop in Singapore?

I would ask the participants  of the 2 day photography workshop in Singapore “Why are you here?
After a few of them have shared their reasons, Lena shared hers. She said to the class looking at me
“My daughter came to learn photography from you a few years ago. She completed the basic and the intermediate classes. After the two workshops, I saw her pictures improved so much. My daughter is now studying photography at the Boston University “.  
Yes, I remember her I said. Lena paused, then pointed to the camera that she is holding “Here is my daughter’s camera, I want to be like her “.
I was touched by what she had shared and how her daughter’s photos had impressed upon her.
This is one of the best testimonials that I have heard.  This is what kept me going and wanting to share my passion; 
To ignite a person, one at a time. 
Thanks you Lena and Heiti for sharing.

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