Black-backed Kingfisher near Orchard Road, Singapore

Black-backed Kingfisher near Orchard Road, crashed into window.

I was walking home this morning and saw a colourful dead Black-backed Kingfisher near Windsland House. The location of the bird was just below the building. This seems to suggest that the bird must have crashed into the window of  the building. It must have been flying during day time and saw the reflection of the landscape on the window.  Since the building is 9 storey high, the fall must have been fatal.

2013-10-23 10.48.31
Black-backed Kingfisher Orchard Road Singapore. Crashed into window of building.

Here is a pair of the kingfishers I took in Sabah during their courtship. The Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher also known as the Black-backed Kingfisher or Three-toed Kingfisher (Ceyx erithaca) is a species of bird  in the Alcedinidae family. Amazingly, they too came to Orchard Road. If there were stream in Orchard Road, may be we could see them there too.

A pair of Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher
A pair of Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher @ Borneo Bird Festival Sabah

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