Cross Bridge Rice Noodles of Yunnan, China

Cross bridge Rice Noodles Yunnan China
Cross Bridge Rice Noodle of Yunnan,China

Cross Bridge Rice Noodles of Yunnan, China

We met a gentleman from Singapore who had stayed 20 years in Kunming. Peter told us that we must try the Yunnan famous noodle, Guoqiao Mixian. Literally means Cross Bridge Rice Noodles of Yunnan,China

One of the legends had it that about 100 years ago near Ming County, there was a lake called Nanhu. A scholar was preparing for his examination and his wife who prepared the traditional soup noodle for her husband had to cross a bridge to deliver the noodle. But the long journey made the food cold when it got there.

One day the wife discovered that the oil in the chicken soup that she had prepared kept the soup hot. She could then add raw ingredient into the soup later.  She then took the soup and the raw material across the bridge for her husband. This is how the famous Cross Bridge Rice Noodles of Yunnan, China began.

Mixing the ingredients into the hot soup just before serving

The secret in cooking the dish in the hot soup is to slice the meet and fish thinly so that they get cooked easily. Once the ingredients are cooked, you can put in the rice noodles.

Soup noodles in China are very popular even during breakfast. Tea and soya bean are commonly served for breakfast. If you love coffee, I suggest you bring your favorite coffee mix from home. The 2 in 1 coffee mix we got from the Old Town White Coffee Outlet at KLIA was handy.

We found the Cross Bridge Rice Noodle at The Brothers Jiang in Kunming was good. They have a few branches all around town.

Brother Jiang Cross Bridge Rice Noodles in Kunming China

For just 20 Yuan ( S$ 4.00 or US$ 3.30 ) we had clear soup noodles with seafood platter.Cross Bridge Rice Noodles of Yunnan, China. There many different flavors to choose from and additional toppings to add.

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